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Simulation of a torque converter production considering quality attributes.

Sternemann, K.H.; Didic, M.M.; Hofer, H.

In: Computers in Industry, Vol. 40, No. 2-3, pages 259-265. 1999.

Abstract: The paper describes, investigations at the Daimler-Benz car production to analyze and correct specific quality disturbances in the torque converter manufacturing. The work has been based on the CIMOSA Design and Implementation Level for process modeling and on a generic timed Petri Net for the model execution and simulation. Relevant simulation assumptions, basic scenarios and the experiments have been specified and alternatives in machine disturbances were simulated. The relevant data were recorded in a log file of a SQL database. After several simulation cycles, simulation data could be transferred from the database to various evaluation systems for a qualitative and quantitative process analysis as well as for the evaluation of various situations. The work also granted the opportunity to improve the transparency of complex interrelations within the business processes investigated. It provided additional knowledge of the influence of disturbances and deviations on the process and on the product quality.

Keywords: CIMOSA, enterprise modeling, generic Petri nets, model execution, quality assurance, timed Petri nets.

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