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Hierachy, composition, scripting languages, and translators for structured hypertext.

Stotts, P.D.; Furuta, R.

In: Hypertext: Concepts, Systems and Applications, Proceedings of the European Conference, INRIA, France, November 1990, pages 180-193. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press,, 1990.

Abstract: In this paper we describe a hypertext translator-generator system that uses ChiTed, the visual Petri net editor from the ChiTrellis hypertext system, to specify the semantic component of a string-to-graph translation. ChiTed-specified parsers convert general authoring notations into structured ChiTrellis documents for browsing. The operative mechanism is termed a pair grammar, in which a string grammar and a graph grammar are paired in a one-to-one correspondence. When a ChiTed-specified parser reduces by one of its string grammar productions, the corresponding production in its graph grammar is used to generate a portion of the Petri net that implements that syntax. The use of pair grammars in conjunction with the Trellis model results in a general method of defining hypertext structure that is both hierarchical and compositional

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