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Access Control and Verification in Petri-Net-Based Hyperdocuments.

Stotts, P.D.; Furuta, R.

In: COMPASS'89. Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference on Computer Assurance Systems Integrity, Software Safety and Process Security, 1989, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, pages 49-55. 1989.

Abstract: The Petri-net-based Trellis model of hypertext is briefly described, and the access control capabilities that the model provides for hyperdocuments is discussed. Using the Petri-net formalism, a hypertext document can be written so that different classes of readers can be allowed or denied access to various portions of the document. The use of browsing restrictions and multiple document versions to implement access classes is discussed.

Keywords: access control access verification; hyperdocuments; hypertext; Trellis model.

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