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An Experimental Approach Towards the XML Representation of Petri Net Models.

Sy, O.; Buffo, M.; Buchs, D.

In: SGML based Interchange Formats for Petri Nets, a satellite event at 21st International Petri Net Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, June 27, 2000: Proceedings of the Meeting on XML, pages 35-38. June 2000. Available at

Abstract: XML based proposal are currently being elaborated to store Petri nets models. The fact that some Petri nets tools already use XML for storage purposes shows that XML may be suitable for Petri nets tools. But it also raises the question of interchange of models between different tools. In order to get insights for the definition of standard XML representations, we have set up a research team whose goals are the following: (1) make a survey of the available tools in order to gather information about the various features they support; (2) extract and build a taxonomy of formalisms in order to identify clusters of Petri net dialects that have the same needs; (3) and finally propose a XML representation standard for Petri nets tools derived from this taxonomy. This paper presents the preliminary results derived from our survey and will be completed according to incoming information up to the Petri net conference.

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