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A software environment task object-oriented design (ETOOD).

Tabary, Dimitri; Abed, Mourad

In: Journal of Systems and Software 60 (2), pages 129-140. February 2002.

Abstract: This paper is intended to present an approach to the construction of a task model of method, named task object-oriented design (TOOD), used for the development of an interactive system. This approach is based on a formal notation, giving quantitative results which may be checked by designers and which provide the possibility of performing mathematical verifications on the models. The modeling formalism is based on the joint use of the object approach and of high-level Petri nets. The concepts borrowed from the object approach make it possible to describe the static aspect of tasks and the Petri nets enable the description of dynamics and behavior. We also describe a software aid tool for the manipulation of these models, which allow the editing of a task model. In order to facilitate comprehension of the method, a simple example of procedure used in missile firing management will be given.

Keywords: Tasks; Human-centered design; Petri nets; Object modeling techniques; Human-machine interface; Methodology.

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