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An analysis of simulation between Petri nets through rewriting logic.

Tahara, Y.; Honiden, S.

In: IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals in Electronics, Communications and Computer Science, Vol. E78-A, No. 11, pages 1498-1503. 1995.

Abstract: Rewriting logic has been proposed as a unified model of parallel and concurrent computations, especially concurrent object-oriented computation and agent oriented computation. This paper presents a category-theoretic technique in which simulation relation between concurrent processes described by rewriting logic is analyzed. In this technique, simulation relation is represented by morphisms in the category of concurrent processes. Moreover, this technique is shown to be applicable to Petri nets by modeling them by rewriting logic. By this method, it is acknowledged that the proposed method is applicable to Petri nets including multi-loops whose treatment is limited in other techniques.

Keywords: Petri nets, category theory, rewriting logic.

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