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Decision Making for Flexible Manufacturing-OR and/or AI Approaches in Scheduling.

Tamura, H.; Yamagata, K.; Hatono, I.

In: Systems Analysis, Modelling, Simulation; Vol. 6, No. 5, pages 363-371. 1989.

Abstract: Decision-making problems for FMS's can be classified into three hierarchical levels: strategic level, administrative level, and operational level. This paper gives a brief survey of decision-making problems at each level. Discussion is given of which tasks are better tackled by OR and which by AI. Attention is focused on job scheduling problems at the administrative level. The limitations of conventional OR approaches for scheduling problems are pointed out. Instead of OR approaches, a method of rule-based scheduling is proposed where the FMS is modelled as a discrete event system using a timed Petri net.

Keywords: flexible manufacturing system; operations research; artificial intelligence; rule-based scheduling; discrete event system; timed net.

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