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A time petri net based approach for embedded hard real-time software synthesis with multiple operational modes.

Tavares, Eduardo; Maciel, Paulo; Bessa, Arthur; Barreto, Raimundo; Barros, Leonardo; Meuse Oliveira, Jr; Lima, Ricardo

In: SBCCI '05: Proceedings of the 18th annual symposium on Integrated circuits and system design, pages 98-103. New York, NY, USA: ACM Press, 2005.

Abstract: In general, complex embedded systems rely on specialized operating system kernels. However, the operating system usage may introduce significant time overhead, which may affect the tasks' deadline in embedded hard real-time systems. In addition, hardware requirements (e.g. memory) are usually increased.As an alternative, this paper presents a software synthesis approach for eliminating such overheads, meeting timing constraints, and providing multiple operational modes. In order to satisfy timing requirements, a pre-runtime scheduling is used to find a feasible schedule by adopting a formalism based on time Petri net. Pre-runtime scheduling is considered inflexible, but using multiple operational modes, significant flexibility may be achieved.

Keywords: embedded hard real-time systems; hardware/software codesign methodologies; software synthesis.

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