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Markov Regenerative Stochastic Petri Nets with Age Type General Transitions.

Telek, M.; Bobbio, A.

In: Proceeding of the 16th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Turin, June 1995,, pages 471-489. 1995.

Abstract: Markov Regenerative Stochastic Petri Nets (MRSPNO have been recently introduced in the literature with the aim of combining exponential and non-exponential firing times into a single model. However, the relizations of the general MRSPN model, so far discussed, require that at most a single non-exponential transition is enabled in each marking and that its associated memory policy is of enabling type. The present paper extends the previous models by allowing the memory policy to be of age type and by allowing multiple general transitions to be simultaneously enabled, provided that their enabling intervals do not overlap. A final completely developed example that couldn't have been considered in previous formulations, derives the closed form expressions for the transient state probabilities for a queueing system with preemptive resume (prs) service policy.

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