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Functional and Performance Analysis of Cooperating Sequential Processes.

Teruel, E.; Silva, M.; Colom, J.M.; Campos, J.

In: Boxma, O.J.; Koole, G.M.: CWI Tracts, Vol. 106: Performance Evaluation of parallel and distributed systems. Solution Methods, pages 234-251. Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1994.

Also in: Cohen, G.; Quadrat, J.P.: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 199; Analysis and Optimization of Systems: Discrete Event Systems, pages 169-175. London: Springer-Verlag, 1994.

Also in: Baccelli, F.; Jean-Marie, A.; Mitrani, I.: Quantitative Methods in Parallel Systems, pages 52-65. Esprit Basic Research Series, Springer, 1995.

Abstract: This paper presents some results concerning the functional and performance analysis of sequential processes connected through buffers using structural analysis techniques, mainly linear algebraic ones. From the functional point of view the following properties are considered: boundedness, deadlock-freness, liveness and the existence of home states. From the performance point of view the considered properties are marking ergodicity, computation of visit ratios and computation of insensitive throughput bounds.

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