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Evolutionary Petri net approach to periodic job-shop scheduling.

Tohme, H.; Nakamura, M.; Hachiman, K.; Onaga, K.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'99), 12-15 October 1999, Tokyo, Japan, Vol. 4, pages 441-446. 1999.

Abstract: The periodic job-shop scheduling problem (PJSSP) is important from the practical point of view although there is less literature compared to the original (non-periodic) JSSP. Timed Petri nets are very useful for the optimal design and control of manufacturing systems. It is known that timed marked graphs can model the scheduled (i.e., deterministic) periodic job-shop system. This paper proposes an evolutionary computation approach to the PJSSP in which a Petri net model of period job-shop system is generated automatically and evolutionarily. The objective of the JSSP is to obtain the shortest schedule, while the PJSSP minimizes the cycle time. The proposed method constructs a Petri net that minimizes the cycle time for the periodic job-shop system by evolutionary computation.

Keywords: periodic job-shop scheduling, timed Petri nets.

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