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Dynamic Process Modelling through Multi-Level RBNs.

Tsalgatidou, A.; Gouscos, D.; Halatsis, C.

In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Working Conference on Dynamic Modelling and Information Systems (DYNMOD'94), September 1994, pages 327-341. 1994.

Abstract: This paper presents an approach for specifying and validating the dynamic aspects of IS at multiple levels of abstraction, during the requirements specification phase of system development, using a Petri net based model, called Rule-Based Net (RBN). The produced specifications explicitly model the dynamic system behaviour, they are object-oriented, rule-based, executable and can be validated using graphical animation. In this way, we come up with concise, compact, modular, validated and easily modifiable requirements specifications at the very early stages of system development. Furthermore, these specifications can be easily mapped to design and implementation structures, resulting in a system which satisfies user's needs and is flexible enough to incorporate future changes of behaviour.

Keywords: OO, rules, Rule-Based Nets, dynamic modelling, information systems.

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