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Specifying and Validating Requirements: The VENUS system.

Tsalgatidou, A.; Gouscos, D.; Halatsis, C.

In: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS EUROPE 1994), Mar, 1994, pages 89-102. 1994.

Abstract: Requirements specification and validation is recognised as a crucial part of the information systems' development process. This paper presents the VENUS integrated environment for requirements engineering. The underlying conceptual framework of VENUS combines the entity-relationship, object-oriented and rule-based paradigms for data and behaviour modelling. VENUS tools enable systems analysts to formulate, analyse and validate requirements specifications which can be automatically mapped either to a C++ prototype or to the model of Rule-Based Nets (RBNs), a variant of Predicate-Transition Nets. RBNs constitute an executable model of requirements specifications and be studied by analytical PN algorithms, animated and validated against test cases. The VENUS environment, therefore, provides an integrated, complete and formal, yet user-firendly, framework for requirements engineering. A VENUS prototype has been implemented so far, and work is still in progress towards (i) full-scale development and (ii) mapping of executable requirements specifications to design and implementation structures.

Keywords: OO, rules, Rule-Based Nets, dynamic modelling, information systems.

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