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Synthesis of Concurrent Programs: Automated Reasoning Complements Software Reuse.

Uchihira, Naoshi; Kawata, Hideji; Matsumoto, Kazunori; Ito, Mikako; Honiden, Shinichi

In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 1990, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA; Vol. 2: Software Track, pages 64-73. North Hollywood, CA, USA: Western Periodicals Co., 1990.

Abstract: The authors describe a concurrent program synthesis system (Mendels Zone) consisting of reusable software using temporal logic and Petri nets. The concurrent program consists of nonsynchronization parts (called body parts) and synchronization parts. In Mendels Zone, the body parts are constructed with reusable software, and the synchronization parts are synthesized from temporal logic specifications. The reused software components in the body part construction do not necessarily satisfy the user's requirements because the components are retrieved only with key words. Therefore, the synchronization parts must be synthesized so as to satisfy the user's requirements, which are represented by a Petri net.

Keywords: concurrent program(s); software reuse; Mendels zone; temporal logic; requirement specification.

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