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Performance Oriented Specification for Heterogenous Parallel Systems using Graphical Based Specifications.

Unger, Herwig; Däne, Bernd

In: International Computer Science Institute Berkeley, Technical Report, No. TR-95-043. August 1995.

Abstract: Today, multiprocessor systems can be used even for the solution of small problems. In contrast to this advantage in the development of hardware solutions there are only a few methods to specify and to generate efficient parallel programs especially in the area of heterogenous systems. In the report we intend to show that Petri Nets are a suitable description language for doing so. An important point in this favour is that Petri Nets can represent both aspects influencing the quality of a solution in an uniform model: the software and the hardware on which the generated program will be executed. In that way the executable program can be derived by compiling the corresponding part of the model.

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