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Two Levels Interchange Format in XML for Petri Nets and Other Graph-based Formalisms.

Valente, A.; Gribaudo, M.

In: SGML based Interchange Formats for Petri Nets, a satellite event at 21st International Petri Net Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, June 27, 2000: Proceedings of the Meeting on XML, pages 29-34. June 2000. Available at

Abstract: A two levels data-definition language (DDL), which can be used to model Petri Nets and other graph based model specification formalisms is presented. In particular, formalisms are considered as graph and are described by the set of the legal type of elements that can be used to build their models, and by the constraints that model elements must satisfy. Both the formalisms and the models are expressed using XML interchange format.

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