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Colored Petri Nets to Verify Extended Event-Driven Process Chains.

van Hee, Kees; Oanea, Olivia; Sidorova, Natalia

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3760, pages 183-201. 2005.

Abstract: Business processes are becoming more and more complex and at the same time their correctness is becoming a critical issue: The costs of errors in business information systems are growing due to the growing scale of their application and the growing degree of automation. In this paper we consider Extended Event-driven Process Chains (eEPCs), a language which is widely used for modeling business processes, documenting industrial reference models and designing workflows. We describe how to translate eEPCs into timed colored Petri nets in order to verify processes given by eEPCs with the CPN Tools.

Keywords: Extended EPCs; semantics; verification; colored Petri nets.

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