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Consistency in Model Integration.

van Hee, Kees; Sidorova, Natalia; Somers, Lou; Voorhoeve, Marc

In: Proceedings of Business Process Management: Second International Conference, BPM 2004, Potsdam, Germany, June 17-18, 2004, pages 1-16. Volume 3080 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Jörg Desel, Barbara Pernici, Mathias Weske (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, June 2004.

Abstract: We present a UML-inspired approach to modeling and analysis of complex systems. Different stakeholders of a system may have different views, modeled with different techniques. It is essential that the various aspect models (use cases and life cycles) provide a complete and consistent description of the total system. Our approach based on the composition and decomposition of (colored) Petri nets allows the integration of aspect models. We illustrate our approach by a case study.

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