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Checking properties of Adaptive Workflow Nets.

van Hee, K.; Lomazova, I.A.; Oanea, O.; Serebrenik, A.; Sidorova, N.; Voorhoeve, M.

In: Concurrency, Specification and Programming CS&P'2006, Vol. 1: Concurrency. Informatik-Bericht Nr. 206 der Humbold-Universität zu Berlin, Eds.: G. Lindemann, H. Schlingloff., pages 92-103. September 06.

Abstract: In this paper we consider adaptive workflow nets, a subclass of nested nets that allows more comfort and expressive power for modelling adaptation and exception handling in workflow nets. We define two important behavioral properties of adaptive workflow nets: soundness and circumspectness. Soudnenn means that a proper final marking (state) can be reached from any marking which is reachable from the initial marking, and no garbage will be left. Circumspectness means that the upper layer is always ready to handle any exception that can happen in a lower layer. Since adaptive workflow nets can have an infinite state space, we use an abstraction to reduce the problem of verifying soundness and circumspectness to a finite one.

Keywords: verification; adaptive workflow; soundness; circumspectness.

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