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Formal Modelling of Supply Chain: An Incremental Approach using Petri Nets.

Van Landeghem, Rik; Bobeanu, Carmen-Veronica

In: Verbraeck, A. and Krug, W. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 14th European Simulation Symposium, ESS'2002, pages 323-327. 2002.

Abstract: In this paper the authors propose an implementation of an incremental approach to modelling discrete event systems at the structural level of systems specification. Using the well-known example of the Beer Game, a systematic method supporting the bottom-up construction of re-usable models of supply chains in the Petri nets domain together with their associated experimental frames is presented. The construction adheres to well-defined rules, which would enable computer-based model generation.

Keywords: supply chain management; structural modelling; Petri nets; experimental frame.

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