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Petri Nets, Parallel Algorithms and Models of Multiprocessor Systems.

Vasilev, V.V.; Kuzmuk, V.V.

Kiev, USSR, pages 1-215 pp.. Naukova Dumka, 1990. In Russian.

Abstract: The Authors analyze the concept of a parallel algorithm in connection with the construction of parallel programs and architectures of multiprocessor systems (MPSs). They give the results of theoretical developments on the creation of modified Petri nets used as a graphic-mathematical instrument to construct parallel algorithms of the functioning of MPSs. They describe universal modeling systems for studying the architecture, the operating systems and the software for control and computational MPSs developed. From the contents: Chapter 4: Construction of parallel algorithms and modeling of parallel processes by means of specialized evaluation Petri nets; Chapter 5: Construction of parallel algorithms by means of modified E-nets and macro-E-nets; Chapter 6--8: Controlling nets --- analysis, design and applications; Chapter 9: Specialized computers for modeling Petri nets.

Keywords: parallel algorithm; multiprocessor system; parallel program; modified net; operating system; evaluation net; macro E-net; controlling net; net simulating computer.

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