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Cooperative Navigation in Multimedia Systems.

Wack, Maxime; Cottin, Nathanael; Bouyekhf, Rachid

In: XML-Based Data Management and Multimedia Engineering (EDBT 2002), Revised Papers of the EDBT 2002 Workshops XMLDM, MDDE, and YRWS, Prague, Czech Republic, March 24-28, 2002, pages 472-483. Volume 2490 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / A.B. Chaudhri, R. Unland, C. Djeraba, W. Lindner (Eds.) --- Springer Verlag, November 2002.

Abstract: The emergence of the New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC), and the development of new tools open some perspectives for multimedia application design. In this paper we propose a graphical model of cooperative navigation of the multimedia applications. The model is based on the distinction between public and private areas. We use Petri nets to model several patterns which allow to build a complete navigation process. An example is worked out to illustrate the proposed approach.

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