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A Colored Petri Net Model for Connection Management Services in MMS.

Wang, Fei Yue; Gildea, Kevin; Rubenstein, Alan

In: Computer Communication Review, Vol. 19, No. 3, pages 76-98. July 1989.

Abstract: The authors present a Petri net (PN) model for connection management services (CMS) of the manufacturing message specification (MMS). P-invariants and T-invariants analysis carried out on the connection PN provides useful information on the CMS behavior and specification for its implementation. It is claimed that PNs may offer a hierarchical mathematical description for the entire MMS protocol, a uniform representation for various level of abstraction of MMS protocol and an analytical model for protocol performance evaluation and analysis.

Keywords: coloured net; connection management service; manufacturing message specification; P-invariants; T-invariants; protocol performance; uniform representation; performance evaluation.

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