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A formal architectural specification model for real-time systems design.

Wang, Jiacun; Deng, Yi; He, Xudong

In: Proceedings of IASTED Conference on Software Engineering, pages 11-14. October 1998.

Abstract: In this paper, a Real-time Architectural Specification (RAS) model is presented. The objective of RAS is to establish a formal foundation that will enable us to integrate existing rich but fragmented formal techniques for system specification and verification into practical and scaleable formal engineering methods to support the design and development of highly reliable real-time distributed systems. The contribution of RAS is twofold: First, it offers an incremental and more scaleable approach for design modeling. Second, it provides a systematic way to enforce and maintain the consistency of the real-time system constraints in every step of the design process. These two features together make RAS a suitable model for the design of real-time systems.

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