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Performance analysis of traffic networks based on stochastic timed Petri net models.

Wang, J.; Jin, C.; Deng, Y.

In: Proc. 5th Int. Conf. on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, 18-21 October 1999, Las Vegas, NV, pages 77-85. 1999.

Abstract: A compositional method for modeling and evaluation of performance indices of traffic systems based on stochastic timed Petri nets (STPNs) is presented. STPNs are used to specify traffic and traffic control at an intersection of vehicles in a road segment between any two consecutive intersections. The traffic control system is thus modeled as a composition of individual intersection models and segment distribution models. A technique is presented to incrementally evaluate the system's performance by analyzing intersections separately according to a carefully selected order. The analysis technique conforms to the accepted practice of transportation research. Compared to existing Petri net models of traffic control systems, the presented technique dramatically reduces the complexity of analysis.

Keywords: performance analysis, stochastic timed Petri nets, traffic control systems.

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