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Synchronization model for multimedia communication and presentation in distributed systems.

Wang, L.-H.; Chen, J.-M.

In: Proc. 1996 Int. Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 3-6 June 1996, Tokyo, Japan, pages 122-128. 1996.

Abstract: The integration of time dependent media in applications requires the synchronization of media streams. The problem of synchronization is more important if multimedia data presented in distributed systems are concerned. The specification of synchronization is supported by the synchronization editor, the creation and the transport of synchronization objects are managed by the synchronization coordinator, and the execution of multimedia presentation is performed by the synchronizer. Petri net model is used for the specification of synchronization, and a method called the `normalized relative time stamps' (NRTS) is proposed to synchronize multimedia objects. Two policies, aggressive and conservative, are used for execution of synchronization representations. It is believed that the best synchronization scheme must be adaptive to various applications , i.e., the performance of synchronization among various media streams is dependent on the application.

Keywords: Petri nets, distributed systems, multimedia communication, synchronization models.

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