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Modeling and Verification of AMPS Communication Protocol.

Wang, Shu Chien; Amin, Ashok T.

In: Networks, Biomedical, Electronics, Hydrology, Data Bases and General Modeling and Simulation. Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Pittsburgh Conference, 1990, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Part 4, pages 1519-1524. San Diego, CA, USA: Soc. for Computer Simulation Int., 1990.

Abstract: Verification of communication protocols is important especially in critical distributed systems, such as the Autonomously Managed Power System (AMPS) for space station. Numerical Petri Nets have been proposed for modeling of communication protocols. They allow different types of tokens and elaborate firing rules to provide more descriptive power. The authors develop a Numerical Petri Net model of the communication protocol for the Autonomously Managed Power System and analyze it to verify the protocol.

Keywords: modeling (and) verification (of) autonomously managed power system communication protocol; numerical net.

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