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A hierarchical approach to construct Petri nets for modeling the fault propagation mechanisms in sequential operations.

Wang, Yi-Feng; Chang, Chuei-Tin

In: Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 27, Issue 2 , 15 February 2003, pages 259-280. Elsevier, February 2003.

Abstract: A systematic procedure has been proposed to construct Petri nets for modeling the fault propagation behaviors in batch processes. In this work, a complete system model is organized according to a hierarchy of four levels, i.e. (1) the controller/operator; (2) the valves; (3) the process units; and (4) the sensors. Every component in this system model consists of two distinct elements. One is used to characterize the equipment states and the other the input-output relations. For the purpose of reducing model construction effort, the general structure of object-oriented abbreviations is also developed to represent the PN in a user-friendly format. The effectiveness and correctness of this approach have been successfully demonstrated with a number of practical examples.

Keywords: Sequential operation; Petri net; Digraph; Hazard analysis; Fault propagation mechanism; Hierarchical approach.

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