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Informal Introduction to the Feature Structure Nets Tool - A Tool for Process and Information Modeling.

Wienberg, Frank; Duvigneau, Michael; Rölke, Heiko

In: 06: Bericht 267, Tagungsband des 13. Workshops Algorithmen und Werkzeuge für Petri-Netze, AWPN'06, FBI-HH-B-267, pages 86-91. September 06.

Abstract: This paper presents a modeling technique that combines process-oriented modelling with information-oriented modeling. The modeling technique is well suited for modeling distributed systems, especially information systems. It is backed by a Petri net formalism (called FSNets) that uses feature structures as tokens as well as to describe transition rules. Along with the formal definition we present a graphical notation that is supported by the tool RENEW (1).

Keywords: High-level Petri nets; feature structures; basic FSNets; information-oriented modeling; workflow modeling; Renew; UML.

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