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Object-Oriented Implementation of Parallel System Evaluation Tools: A Graphical Petri Net Simulation.

Wood, Scott D.; Harsch, Joseph C.

In: MIMI'90, Computer Applications in Design, Simulation and Analysis. Proceedings of the ISMM International Symposium, 1990, New Orleans, USA, pages 52-55. 1990.

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide an introduction to object-oriented techniques. The basics of Petri nets, object-oriented design, and the need for a graphical Petri net simulator are presented. Advantages of implementing such a system using object-oriented techniques over procedure-oriented techniques are discussed. These include direct problem to solution mapping, reduced development time, and increased resiliency to change.

Keywords: object-oriented implementation (of) parallel system evaluation tool, (a) graphical net simulation; procedure-oriented technique; change resiliency.

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