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A Multi-sensor Inspection System Based on RMOS.

Xiang, H.; Chen, J.H.; Zhou, Y.F.; Zhou, J.

In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Volume 19 Issue 6 (2002), pages 448-453. March 2002.

Abstract: In this paper, a coloured timed Petri net (CTPN) is proposed to model a multi-sensor inspection system (MSIS) based on a real-time multi-task operating system (RMOS). The CTPN provides a visualisation method for modelling MSIS activities, then design and performance analysis of MSIS can be easily implemented by developers. In order to resolve the problem that there is a high demand for the real-time limitation in MSIS, RMOS developed into MSIS in the paper. An application example of MSIS based on the speed circle method in computer numerical control (CNC) of a broach sharpening machine tool is investigated to show the capability of CTPN and the effectiveness of RMOS. This work establishes the foundation for rapidly constructing MSIS.

Keywords: Inspection; Modelling; Petri nets; Real-time; Scheduling; Speed circle method.

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