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Modeling mobile agent systems with high level Petri nets.

Xu, D.; Deng, Y.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'2000), 8-11 October 2000, Nashville, TN, Vol. 4, pages 3177-3182. 2000.

Abstract: This paper presents a Petri net based approach to architectural modeling of mobile agent systems. Agent template (net) is proposed to model a changing number of autonomous and communicating software agents. An agent space is explicitly abstracted as a component, consisting of mobility environment (system net), agent templates (agent nets), and internal connector (net). Agent transfer is naturally captured by transition firing. To assure the strong mobility, agent's state is delivered during migration. Agent mobility in OMG's MASIF is also examined by formalizing the interoperable agent system architecture.

Keywords: MASIF, architectural modeling, high-level Petri nets, mobile agent systems.

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