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Rule base verification using Petri nets.

Yang, S.J.H.; Lee, A.S.; Chu, W.C.; Yang, H.

In: Proc. 22-nd Annual Int. Computer Software and Applications Conf. (COMPSAC-98), 19-21 August 1998, Vienna, Austria, pages 476-481. 1998.

Abstract: This paper proposes a Petri net formalism for the verification of rule based systems. Typica structural errors in a rule based system are redundancy, inconsistency, and circularity. Since the verification is proposed on Petri nets and their incidence matrix, the rules need to be translated into a Petri net. In order to let a rule-based system be immune from the above errors, it was observed that in all columns of the incidence matrix, all positive entires must be above all negative entries. Base on this observation, a tool was developed consisting of the following four phases: rule normalization, rule ordering, rule-to-Petri-net transformation, and rule verification. In phase one, rules are normalized to Horn clauses. Normalized rules are reordered in phase two, and then transformed into a Petri net and its corresponding incidence matrix, used in phase four.

Keywords: Petri nets, expert systems, rule verification, rule-based systems.

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