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A fuzzy Petri net based mechanism for fuzzy rules reasoning.

Yang, S.J.H.; Chu, W.C.; Lee, J.; Huang, W.T.

In: Proc. 21th Annual Int. Computer Software and Applications Conf. (COMPSAC-97), pages 438-443. 1997.

Abstract: This paper presents a mechanism for normalizing fuzzy rules of a rule-based system, transforming the rules into a fuzzy Petri net, and answering queries based on the net with imprecise information. In addition, an algorithm is presented which utilizes the formalism of Petri nets to compute the degree of truth of the resulting answers to the queries. The degree of truth is computed in algebraic form based on the state equation which can be implemented in matrix computation in Petri nets.

Keywords: fuzzy Petri nets, fuzzy reasoning.

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