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A Petri net based simulation tool for the design and analysis of flexible manufacturing systems.

Yim, D.S.; Barta, T.A.

In: Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 13, No. 4, pages 251-261. 1994.

Abstract: Simulation is an invaluable tool in designing and analyzing manufacturing systems. A Petri net-based simulation tool is presented to aid simulation projects in manufacturing, including flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs). Three models are developed-an object model, Petri net model, and control model. While hardware components of FMSs are modeled by Petri net objects, control functions are separately modeled and integrated with a Petri net model to resolve conflicts occurring in Petri net execution. Facilities of the developed tool are presented, and a modeling procedure with the tool is illustrated via a case study.

Keywords: Petri nets, design verification, manufacturing systems, simulation tools.

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