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Toward a Definition of Fault Analysis for Petri Net Models.

Zargham, M.R.; Danhof, K.J.

In: Information Processing Letters, Vol. 34, pages 299-305. 1990.

Abstract: Previous proposed models use preventive or protective approaches to attain satisfactory reliability for a system. In this paper the authors pursue a different approach: the corrective approach. Even though the preventive and protective approaches eliminate some faults, the corrective approach increases the reliability of the system by detecting faults which occur during a specified operation time interval. In the corrective approach, fault recovery is straigthforward. The authors introduce a particular kind of Petri net, the restricted Petri net (RPN), along with a set of definitions and theoretical results which enable RPN to be of use in fault detection processes.

Keywords: fault analysis; corrective approach; fault recovery; restricted net.

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