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Integrated knowledge-based Petri net intelligent flexible assembly planning.

Zha, X.F.; Lim, S.Y.E.; Fok, S.C.

In: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol. 9, No. 3, pages 235-250. 1998.

Abstract: Automatic assembly planning is recognized as an important tool for reducing manufacturing costs in concurrent product and process development. A novel knowledge-based Petri net (KBPN) is defined, based on the incorporation of expert systems into the usual Petri nets, and used for a unified assembly knowledge representation scheme. A KBPN-approach integrated with a sequence generation algorithm is proposed for the modeling, planning, simulation, analysis and evaluation of the flexible assembly system (FAS). The developed KBPN-based assembly planning system (KAPS) can automatically adjust the deviations between the theoretical planning parameters and the process parameters of real assembly operations to guarantee the best strategies and plans (sequences) for flexible assembly. The research findings are exemplified with a simple assembly to show the effectiveness of the method.

Keywords: assembly planning, expert systems, flexible assembly, knowledge-based Petri nets, manufacturing systems.

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