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Modeling Buffers in Automated Manufacturing Systems Using Petri Nets.

Zhou, MengChu; DiCesare, Frank

In: Proceedings of Rensselaer's Second International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 1990, Troy, NY, USA, pages 265-272. Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE Comput. Soc. Press, 1990.

Abstract: Petri net design approaches for automated manufacturing systems are discussed, with emphasis on modular design methods for buffers. The simple Petri net module for a buffer is extended to a module for a generalized buffer which can be shared. Theoretical results about the preservation of system properties such as boundedness, liveness, and reversibility are presented. Safe Petri net modules for a buffer are designed using safe places only. The results are illustrated by two manufacturing examples: a multiple-machine and multiple-buffer production line, and an automatic storage-retrieval system in a flexible manufacturing system.

Keywords: buffers (in) automated manufacturing system(s); modular design methods (for) shared buffers; property preservation; boundedness; liveness; reversibility; safe net; safe place; multiple-machine multiple-buffer production line; storage-retrieval system (in) flexible manufacturing systems.

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