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Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Resource-Sharing Manufacturing System Using Stochastic Petri Nets.

Zhou, MengChu; DiCesare, Frank; Guo, Dianlong

In: Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control, 1990, Philadelphia, PA, USA, pages 1005-1010. Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE Service Center, 1990.

Abstract: The objectives of this work are to model a manufacturing system using top-down Petri net modeling approaches and mutual exclusion concepts; to construct stochastic Petri nets by considering the random failures of the machines, as well as such resources as robots and automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems; to derive the performance of the system using stochastic Petri net performance models for different cases; and to compare performance results. Performance analysis problems on both deadlock-free and deadlock-prone systems are addressed. System performance indices are derived by using existing software packages such as SPNP.

Keywords: modeling (and) performance analysis (of) a resource-sharing manufacturing system (using) stochastic net(s); top-down approach; random failure; robot; automated guided vehicle; deadlock-free system; deadlock-prone system; performance indices (derived by) software package SPNP.

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