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Colored Petri Net Based Attack Modeling.

Zhou, Shijie; Qin, Zhiguang; Zhang, Feng; Zhang, Xianfeng; Chen, Wei; Liu, Jinde

In: Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining, and Granular Computing: 9th International Conference, RSFDGrC 2003, Chongqing, China, May 26-29, 2003. Proceedings, pages 715-718. Volume 2639 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, January 2003.

Abstract: Color Petri Net (CPN) based attack modeling approach is addressed. CPN based attack model is flexible enough to model Internet intrusion, including the static and dynamic features of the intrusion. The processes and rules of building CPN based attack model from attack tree are also presented. In order to evaluate the risk of intrusion, some cost elements are added to CPN based attack modeling. Experiences also show that it is easy to exploit CPN based attack modeling approach to provide the controlling functions.

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