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Performance and Dependability Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems Using Petri Nets.

Zimmermann, A.; Bode, S.; Hommel, G.

In: 1st Workshop Manufacturing Systems and Petri Nets at the 17th Int. Conf. on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Osaka, pages 235-250. 1996.

Abstract: The importance of modeling and performance evaluation for the design of manufacturing systems is obvious. A new modeling method based on Colored Petri Nets is introduced in this paper, which is especially tailored to manufacturing systems. We propose the separate modeling of the manufacturing system's structure and the production routes with dedicated colored Petri nets. After an automatic compilation into a complete model, performance and dependability measures can be obtained numerically or by simulation. The firing times associated with timed transitions can be deterministic, exponentially, or generally distributed.

Keywords: Modeling, Manufacturing Systems, Performance Evaluation, Colored Petri Nets.

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