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It is a package (collection of Meta Fonts and TeX macros) developed at the University of Hamburg Dept. of Computer Science Theoretical Foundations on Computer Science , to support Ethiopian Script for LaTeX . If you like to know and apply "ETHIOP" for your document preparation, you can download the package here.

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Beyene, Berhanu
Kudlek, Manfred, Prof. Dr.
Kummer, Olaf and
Metzinger, Jochen

or you can find us at:

Theoretical Foundations on Computer Science (TGI)
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Hamburg
Vogt-K"lln-Straáe 30
22222 Hamburg

Information on ETHIOPIA

The Country:

Journey through Ethiopia including Southern Rift Valley, Lake Tana, Gondar and Lalibela. With beautiful pictures and Ethiopian history.

  • Cyber Ethiopia
  • Ethiopia On Line
  • Ethiopia: A Country Study
  • The Language and the People:


    The Ethiopian Script

    The Ethiopian Script, mostly know as by the name "Ethiopic" or some used to call it "Geez" or "Feedel , is one of the oldest Scripts of the World. The Script is a phoneme - a consonant and vowel fuse together. The are about 430 phonemes in the Ethiopian Script. The writing system is left to write.

    History and Development of the Ethiopian Script

    Encoding the Ethiopian Script

    To apply the Script to computer technology, currently we need to encode it to Latin Script. The Transliteration and Transcription of the Ethiopian Script into the corresponding Latin Script varies significantly. One satisfactory effort done, and wide used is the System for Ethiopic Representaion in ASCII (SERA)