Current Projects

Computer Engineering (AB TIS) is attracting major cooperations with international highly recommend industries, research centers, universities, engineering and management consulting groups in common R&D projects. In this section, we provide some information about selected projects in which we take part.
1 CCLI – USE – ICE: Undergraduate STEM Initiative in Creative Educational Innovation for Electrical Engineering Students
2 DFG Graduiertenkolleg Maßgeschneiderte Metall-Halbleiter-Hybridsysteme
3 EG_NET: Ethiopian-German e-Learning NETwork for ECE and CE at FOT's as part of ECBP
4 Innovative Diagnosesysteme für Herz-Kreislaufanwendungen (IDHKS)
5 Multimodal Transport and Logistics
6 Spitzencluster-Wettbewerb des BMBF - Luftfahrtcluster Metropolregion Hamburg
8 WFF Turnaround