Einige Projekte von TKRN / Projects by TKRN

DFG-Projekt MEMPHIS (Measurement- and model-based performance Evaluation and speed-up of communications of Multiprocessor PC systems in HIgh-Speed networks)

Andere Projekte / Additional Projects


Abgeschlossene Projekte / Past Projects:

DFG-Projekt LUPUS (Load Transformations and their Usage for Traffic Prediction and Understanding in Networks with Security Requirements)

Drittmittelprojekt: Multimedialität und Mobilität zur Verbesserung der Lehre im Bereich Telematik


Università di Catania, Catania, Italien: The Tunnel Agents Project (DAAD: Vigoni)

SUN Microsystems: Academic Equipement Grant: Development of model-based QoS-Management for Local Area Networks