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INFDok - Document and Publication Server of the Department of Informatics

Which publications are planned for publication in INFDok? 

Are my publications freely accessible?

In general, all publications should possibly be free of charge and released under open access.

What do I need to make a release?

Please keep the following documents ready when you want to post a publication on our document server:

Which legal issues should I be aware of before publishing? 

Prior to the publication of a document please ensure that you are entitled to do so. You are generally entitled, if you are the author of the document and have not given exclusive rights to third parties. If you have published your document or plan to do so, make sure that the publisher allows a parallel publication on a
document server.

Publishing your document or planning the latter, must not necessarily be inconsistent with the publication of documents on our server. In any case please check if your contract allows a publication on our document server! For instance using the so-called Sherpa / Romeo list:
Geman List: http://open-access.net/de/allgemeines/rechtsfragen/sherparomeoliste/
Iinternational List: http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php 

How to publish? 

First, you must complete the User Agreement and submit it to the library. Please read the legal information carefully.
(Students must also submit the certificate of an academic staff member or employee regarding the scientific validity of her/his document.)

Please send the electronic document to the library.
We need the following information:
Once you have handed the completed Terms of use agreement (and the lecture's certificate) to the library, your document will be uploaded to the full text server of the Department with the appropriate metadata.
Furthermore, the document can be found within the library catalogue. 
IYour document is replaced by a URN (Uniform Resource Name) and is searchable via the text server and within the library catalogue.

Is it possible to cite publications from INFDok?

Electronic publications are basically equivalent to conventional publications and therefore quotable. For permanent and stable addressing, Uniform
Resource Names (URN) will be created and registered with the German Library.
Formal guidance and assistance regarding the citation of electronic sources are given by the policies of the International Standard ISO 690-2. Further information

How INFDok publications should be cited 

Based on the ISO 690-2 electronic publications should be cited as follows, whereas the date of the last call to the source is to be used by the person quoting, e.g.:: 

Neumann,Bernd (2003): A Conceptual Framework for High-Level Vision. - Berichte des Fachbereichs Informatik der Universitšt Hamburg [online]
<http://edoc.sub.uni-hamburg.de/informatik/volltexte/2009/55>[zitiert 15. Februar 2012]

Special features for the publication of a preprint

Preprints are characterized by the fact that they are not yet published by a publisher, but such publication is imminent. The publisher's conditions regarding the publication of preprints must be respected. Many publishers require that the publication is linked  from our document server referring to the final version available at the publishers. As an author, please let us know if the document has been published commercially so that we can update, the conditions on our server!