Workshop PNSE'97

Petri Nets in System Engineering

Modelling, Verification, and Validation

Hamburg, Germany, September 25-26, 1997


  1. Applying an Object-Oriented Petri Net Language to Heterogeneous Systems Design
    R. Esser, J.W. Janneck, M. Naedele
  2. Object Coloured Petri Nets - a Formal Technique for Object Oriented Modelling
    Ch. Maier, D. Moldt
  3. Verification of Coloured Petri Nets Using State Spaces with Equivalence Classes
    J.B. Jorgensen, L.M. Kristensen
  4. State Space Analysis of Hierarchical Coloured Petri Nets
    S. Christensen, L.M. Kristensen
  5. Expanding the Use of Structuring -- Formal Justification for Working on Subnets
    C. Ermel, M. Gajewsky
  6. Parameterised General Refinement in the M-net Calculus
    R. Devillers, H. Klaudel, R.-C. Riemann
  7. Scheduling with Chameleon Nets
    T. Kis, K.-P. Neuendorf, P. Xirouchakis
  8. A Petri-net-based Tool to Analyze Workflows
    W.M.P. van der Aalst, H.M.W. Verbeek, D. Hauschildt
  9. Modelling and Verification with Petri Nets
    R. Mackenthun, M. Voorhoeve
  10. A Temporal Logic for Events and States in Petri Nets
    E. Kindler, T. Vesper
  11. Transformation and Decomposition Techniques to Improve the Decision Power of the Rank Theorems
    L. Recalde, E. Teruel, M. Silva
  12. Structural Analysis of Signal Transition Graphs
    F. Garcia-Valles, J.M. Colom
  13. A partial approach to the problem of deadlocks in processes with resources
    F. Tricas, J. Ezpeleta
  14. Data Encapsulation and Data Abstraction with Petri Nets - graphical Visualization of Modules
    O. Fricke
  15. A Petri net-based support for object-oriented specification of complex control systems
    A. Diagne, J.-M. Ilie, D. Moldt

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