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Hierarchical modeling and control of flexible assembly systems using object-oriented Petri nets.

Adamou, M.; Zerhouni, S.N.; Bourjault, A.

In: International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. 11, No. 1, pages 18-33. 1998.

Abstract: This paper presents results of the hierarchical modeling of flexible assembly systems (FAS) control with object-oriented Petri nets (OPN). Control approaches using coordination architecture, and tools to perform them are outlined. The paper discusses the hierarchical decomposition of assembly systems for products families using a generic and polymorphic object approach and the reuse of these object libraries to perform step by step the final system model. The use of objects and Petri net subsystems with more or less autonomy for subsystem behavior modeling provides a new way of manufacturing systems modeling in a CIM architecture, and for assembly systems in particular.

Keywords: flexible assembly systems, hierarchical control, hierarchical modeling, management science, object-oriented Petri nets.

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