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The Effect of Execution Policies on the Semantics and Analysis of Stochastic Petri Nets.

Ajmone Marsan, Marco; Balbo, Gianfranco; Bobbio, Andrea; Chiola, Giovanni; Conte, Gianni; Cumani, Aldo

In: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. 15, No. 7, pages 832-846. 1989.

Abstract: Petri nets in which random delays are associated with atomic transitions are defined in a comprehensive framework that contains most of the models already proposed in the literature. To include generally distributed firing times into the model one must specify the way in which the next transition to fire is chosen, and how the model keeps track of its past history; this set of specifications is called an execution policy. A discussion is presented of the impact that different execution policies have on semantics of the mode.

Keywords: execution policy; stochastic net; timed net, (generalization of); Markov chain.

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