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Stochastic Petri Nets as a Tool for the Analysis of High-Performance Distributed Architectures.

Ajmone Marsan, M.; Chiola, G.; Conte, G.

In: Kartashev, S.P.; et al.: Supercomputing Systems. Architectures, Design, and Performance., pages 578-611. New York, NY, USA: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., Inc., 1989.

Abstract: The authors have described stochastic Petri net models suitable for the performance analysis of complex computing systems. As an example of the effectiveness of these tools, the authors have applied DSPN to the development of models for the description and the analysis of multiprocessor systems comprising cache memories. The most commonly used policies for the loading and unloading of the cache information have been considered, presenting both detailed and compact DSPN models.

Keywords: stochastic net; high-performance distributed architecture; performance analysis; cache memory.

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