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Application of Compositional Petri Nets and PN3-Tool to the Specification of Distributed Multimedia Objects.

Anisimov, N.A; Kovalenko, A.A.; Postupalski, P.A.; Vuong, S.T.

In: Chang, S.K.; et al.: Advances in Distributed Multimedia Systems, pages 99-116. Singapore: World Scientific, 1999.

Abstract: This paper addresses the problems of specifying synchronization requirements for real-world size multimedia presentations. In particular, we propose a compositional Petri net model, called CoPN, for multimedia synchronization specifications. The salient features of this model, including macroplaces and PN entities, are presented and the application of the CoPN model to multimedia specification is discussed via a number of illustrative examples of intra- and inter-stream multimedia synchronization. This compositional approach enables compact and readable specification of complex, large-scale specifications while preserving the fine granularity as well as supporting user interactions. Preliminary results on incorporating the time stream Petri net (TSPN) in the compositional method for handling time are discussed. The Petri net tool, called PN3-Tool, is also presented, which can be applied to verify the correctness of specifications of multimedia synchronization in CoPN.

Keywords: Multimedia system, inter-stream, intra-stream synchronization, user interaction, Petri nets, Compositional Petri Nets, time stream Petri nets, compositionality.

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